Saturday, August 30, 2008

Indiana: 2 robbers flee, 1 finds a fight

Fort Wayne, Indiana

From the Journal Gazette of August 14, 2008
2 robbers flee, 1 finds a fight

A homeowner and his son fought off a robber Wednesday night during an attempted home invasion in southern Allen County.

Police from several local agencies flocked to the Pheasant Run housing addition south of Dunkelberg Road after an officer who responded to the robbery reported hearing shots fired and that an officer was in trouble. Police later learned that no one was shot and the officer was OK, police said.

Allen County police took a call at 9:47 p.m. reporting the home invasion. Officers arrived at 9218 Burr Oak Drive at 9:52 p.m. and heard one shot as a robbery suspect was running from the area, Sheriff Ken Fries said.

The officer didn’t know who was shooting or why and stopped chasing the suspect and focused on the shooter. The officer detained at least one person who turned out to be a neighbor. He fired one shot at the suspect – not the officer, Fries said.

Several people, including teenagers, were home when three men tried to enter the home. Two of the robbers fled, leaving one behind. The homeowner and his teenage son wrestled with the man and at some point the homeowner was hit in the head with an unknown object, police said.

The homeowner suffered a cut to his head and was treated and released. No one else was hurt, Fries said.

When police arrived, the remaining robber ran and the officer began to chase him. That’s when a neighbor thought he’d help and fired a shot toward the suspect, Fries said.

Police dogs were used to try and track the three robbers but none had been found by midnight. It was unclear whether they were armed, Fries said.

Fries said they should be considered dangerous and warned residents not to answer the door or let anyone into their home if they don’t know them or they look suspicious.

Investigators believe the home was not likely picked at random as the homeowner’s son knew one of the suspects, Fries said.

The attempted home invasion remains under investigation, he said.

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