Saturday, August 16, 2008

California: Police: Hemet Woman, 93, Misfires At Burglar

Hemet, California

From KNBC of August 15, 2008
Police: Hemet Woman, 93, Misfires At Burglar

A 93-year-old Hemet woman shot at an intruder who entered her home, but she missed and the bullet went through a window and over a neighbor's home, Hemet police said Friday.

The woman shot at the intruder who entered her home in the 300 block of South Street shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday, Lt. Duane Wisehart said.

She called police and they surrounded the home until she came out without the weapon, Wisehart said.

The woman told police she heard someone in her home and armed herself with a pistol, then shot at the intruder as the man walked down her hall toward her.

The bullet went through a kitchen window of the small, two-bedroom home, through a shade structure and over a house next door, Wisehart said.

The intruder took some pieces of jewelry and a watch, Wisehart said.

The woman told police that two men had come to her door earlier in the day and offered her an ADT alarm system. The woman said she had an alarm but it was broken and they offered to fix it for cash, Wisehart said.

The woman said she didn't have the cash to fix it and the men left, Wisehart said.

Police said they did not know if that contact was connected to the intruder. They found a bicycle nearby, Wisehart said, and a neighbor said he had seen two men, one on a bicycle and the other on foot, running east on Acacia from the home.

The home's garage door was pulled open from the outside, but the intruder or intruders entered through an open window.

"She's been given the security talk," Wisehart said.

The woman will not be facing charges, Wisehart said.

Police Friday cautioned residents to be careful of such contacts with strangers.

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