Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Florida: Home Invader Dead: Two On The Run

Pensacola, Florida

From NBC15 of August 11, 2008
Home Invader Dead: Two On The Run

Two suspects are on the run as deputies in Escambia County, Fla., continue their investigation into a weekend home invasion.

A man who was sleeping inside the home shot and killed one intruder and at first deputies said they were looking for only one other suspect. Now that investigators have had a chance to interview neighbors in the area, one eye-witness tells deputies she saw a man exit and run from the home and she says she saw a woman driving a car, presumably a get away car.

Investigators say when Rodney Allen Williams burst into the home, of former Navy sailor who was in the home with his girlfriend fired four times. William's died and deputies say he had two accomplices, a man and a woman, who are on the run. Lee Tyree says the two suspects will be charged with felony murder.

"You're participating in a crime," Tyree said. "The result of this crime was the death of another and they will be charged with causing the death because they committed the crime."

From the Pensacola News-Journal of August 10, 2008
Resident kills intruder

The resident living on Srant Drive who shot and killed an intruder Saturday afternoon will not be charged, said Glenn Austin, spokesman with the Escambia County Sheriffs Office.

At about 4:30 p.m., two men broke in through the side door of the West Pensacola home. At least one of the men was armed, Austin said.

The man living in the residence heard the disturbance and shot one of the suspects while the other one ran away.

The suspect who was shot, Rodney Allen Williams, 27, staggered out of the house and died, Austin said.

“He was an armed intruder who came in with a weapon. The homeowner saw the threat and defended himself,” Austin said. “When you’re threatened you have the right to defend yourself.”

According to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law,” homeowners are entitled to shoot a person who unlawfully and forcibly enters their home.

Officials are looking for another man connected to the break-in, Austin said, but could not provide a description of the man.

Kim Bragg lives five houses away from where the break-in occurred. She hopes this incident makes law enforcement pay attention to the crime in the area.

“Some of these homes have been broken into so many times it’s not even funny,” Bragg said.

The two men who broke into the home were dropped off by a woman driving a car, she said.

Bragg said she’s concerned about the safety of her neighborhood, made up of many children and seniors.

She doesn’t keep a gun at home because she has children but says that doesn’t stop her from encouraging neighbors to keep them.

“We’re going to have to start carrying baseball bats,” Bragg said. “If the police don’t help us, we’re going to be swinging first and asking questions later.”

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