Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Flint, Michigan

From Flint’s ABC12.com of June 5, 2006
Man stops would-be robber

Robber held at gunpoint until police arrive

A man is behind bars after breaking into a Flint home. Monday afternoon police credited the homeowner for helping them catch the would-be burglar.

It all happened Monday morning at a home in the 5600 Block of Fleming Road north of Pierson Road on Flint's north side.

It all happened early Monday when the man living at the home pulled a gun on the guy. It started when the man living there told police he heard someone trying to break in the back of his home.

The guy got in a basement window and made his way upstairs. But not before waking up the man sleeping inside the house. He grabbed a gun and confronted the burglar face to face.

He held the would-be burglar for 10 minutes, forcing the man to lie on his belly while he called 911. Police showed up and quickly arrested the man.

Neighbors living nearby say they saw the would-be burglar but didn't think of it as suspicious until police showed up.

No one was hurt in all of this. At last check the man arrested is in jail.

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