Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Cincinnati, Ohio

From the Cincinnati Enquirer of June 7, 2006
Worker's shot scares off robbers

A store employee pulled out a revolver and fired what he termed a warning shot at would-be robbers who entered a gold exchange shop Tuesday.

"You come in with a gun, you're going to run out with a bullet," owner Tony Sasson said.

Two males, ages about 18 to 20, entered New York Gold Exchange, Eighth and Main streets, about 5:45 p.m. One pulled out a gun and they threatened to rob the store, Sasson said. Employee Adam Tee fired back.

"They were in self-defense mode. In the midst of the robbery, (the employee) went in the back room and got a gun," Cincinnati Police Lt. Mike Neville said.

Tee said he fired one shot at the wall to scare the robbers off. They fled without property or money. They were seen on foot going east on Eighth Street and down an alley.

Sasson, who has owned the shop for five years, said he has been robbed once before.

"Everybody here shops with us. Whatever they need, we work with them. For someone to pull this, it's like spitting in our face," said Tee, a three-year employee.

Tee, 20, said he believes downtown is relatively safe but thinks the violence will always be there.

"People do things because they don't see anybody getting caught," Tee aid. "They need to put more cameras up."

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