Thursday, December 29, 2016

Miami, FL

An attempted home break-in went awry for the would-be-burglar Tuesday when a homeowner cornered him in the backyard, and shot him, police said.
Miami police hadn’t released the name of the suspected burglar by late morning. They said he was transported to the hospital and was undergoing surgery with a bullet wound to the left side of his mid-section....
According to Miami police, the couple in the home on Northeast 42nd Street were awakened when the home’s alarm went off while someone was trying to break in through a rear window.
The homeowner went downstairs with a gun and spotted a man before he was able to gain entry. Then, police said, there was a confrontation in the backyard, where the man was shot. Police said they found bolt cutters in the yard not far from the shooting victim.
“He was heard trying to break in through a window,” said Miami police spokeswoman Yelitza Cedano-Hernandez. “The homeowner was inside the house. Came outside and shot him.”

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