Monday, December 5, 2016

Culpeper County, VA

If you have a gun, a criminal might take it from you.  NBC Washington, DC:

A man has been shot and killed with the gun police say he used to force his way into a house in Culpeper County, Virginia.
Culpeper County sheriff's investigators said 21-year-old Delonte Jones, of Prince George's County, and 18-year-old Amber Eley, of Orange, Virginia, knocked on the door of a home in the 1400 block of Woodland Church Road.
When the homeowner answered the door, Jones and Eley asked for help with their car. The resident refused and as he tried to shut the door, police said Jones forced himself into the house and struck the man with a gun.
After a struggle, the homeowner took control of the weapon and fired at Jones, hitting him in the stomach. Neighbors told News4 they heard multiple gunshots.
Source: Culpeper County Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder With Suspect's Gun | NBC4 Washington
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