Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oregon: Man Shoots Intruder Armed With Bat

Klammoth Falls, Oregon

From KPTV of September 9, 2009
Man Shoots Intruder Armed With Bat

Police say a man shot an intruder who was armed with a baseball bat Tuesday night.

Mark Farrell, 24, of Beatty, entered Jim Westman's house armed with a wooden baseball bat, said Klamath Falls Sheriff Timothy Evinger in a news release.

Farrell attempted to assault Westman with the bat and Westman fired one round from a .22-caliber rifle, which hit Farrell in the right forearm. Farrell continued to assault Westman after he was shot, Evinger said.

Roxann Klobucar, Westman's mother, was able to wrestle the bat from Farrell. Klobucar hit Farrell several times in the head until he was subdued, Evinger said.

Prior to entering the house, Farrell damaged Westman's vehicle with the bat, Evinger said.

Evinger said the motive appears related to a theft from Farrell about a month ago.

Farrell was transported to a nearby hospital. He is expected to face charges of burglary, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

Detectives are continuing to investigate.

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