Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Arizona: Police arrest 2nd suspect in Phoenix pawn shop robbery

Phoenix, Arizona

From the Arizona Family of September 1, 2009
Police arrest 2nd suspect in Phoenix pawn shop robbery

Police said Tuesday that they have arrested the second suspect involved in an armed robbery at a Phoenix pawn shop over the weekend.

Det. James Holmes said detectives caught up with that suspect early Monday morning. The 17-year-old Hispanic male has been booked into the Juvenile Detenetion Center, but investigators are not releasing his name.

Detectives say that teen suspect and another man, now identified as George Luis Villa Nueva, tried to rob the Central Pawn Shop near 41st Avenue and Indian School Road Sunday morning.

One of the suspects, police have not said which, held a gun on a 15-year-old employee.

Sgt. Andy Hill said that's when the store's manager pulled a gun of his own and fire several shots, hittine Villa Nueva, 21, in the head. He later died.

The teen suspect flad the scene in a vehicle belonging to a store customer.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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