Tuesday, July 29, 2008

South Dakota: Man Shoots Mountain Lion

Oral, South Dakota

From KCAU of July 29, 2008
Man Shoots Mountain Lion

A late report of a mountain lion that was treed by a rancher's dog and shot near Oral, in far southwestern South Dakota.

The incident took place July 17 when Alan Burg was about to start his pickup and go to work.

After spotting the lion in a tree near his house, Burg shot it with a rifle.

The big cat jumped down and ran into some tall grass.

A game warden was called and dogs were used to track the mountain lion.

The wounded animal was found about 40 yards from the tree and was shot again.

Officials say shooting the cat was justified because of its nearness to the ranch house and the threat to animals and livestock on the ranch.

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