Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arkansas: Burglary suspect shot while choking homeowner

Greers Ferry, Arkansas

From the Heber Springs Sun-Times of July 30, 2008
Burglary suspect shot while choking homeowner

Chris Hooten, 34, of Greers Ferry, is recovering from a gunshot wound to his abdomen after a scuffle around 10:15 p.m. Friday. He reportedly entered a home without permission, fought and choked the homeowner, and was shot in the process. Hooten, and James Gadberry, 26, of Greers Ferry, reportedly went to the home of Don Brown on Shaw Road earlier in the afternoon Friday and an argument ensued. "Brown was upset over how Hooten and Gadberry reportedly treated a female," said Detective Phil Burnham with the Cleburne County Sheriff's Department. "Brown told them both to leave and they did."

Hooten and Gadberry returned to the Brown home just after 10 p.m. "Brown was asleep on the couch when he heard someone beating on the door. He saw the two men outside and told them to leave."

According to authorities, Gadberry and Brown said Hooten forced his way into the home, pushing the door open. "Brown fell on top of an iron stove. He got up and the two men continued to harass him. He went back to the couch where he was sleeping and pulled out a pistol."

Gadberry reportedly moved toward Brown and was hit on the head. "Hooten jumped on Brown and started choking him. When he felt like he was going to pass out he fired a shot, hitting Hooten in the abdomen."

Hooten made his way outside where he passed out. "Gadberry went outside too. Hooten was taken by helicopter to the White County Medical Center in Searcy. He underwent a successful surgery."

The two men are being charged with residential burglary and aggravated assault. "Hooten will be charged upon his release from the hospital."

Brown is not facing any charges at this time, according to Burnham.

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