Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tennessee: Homeowner Shoots and Kills Burglar

Memphis, Tennessee

From MyEyewitnessNews of January 24, 2008
Homeowner Shoots and Kills Burglar

A burglar, caught redhanded breaking into man's garage, was shot and killed Thursday, January 24, 2008.

The incident happened around 2:00 a.m. in the 800 block of Avalon, near Henry Street. Police say the homeowner heard a noise in his garage, and when he confronted the intruder, the man tried to attack. Police say the burglar went after the homeowner with a weedwacker, and the homeowner shot him.

Neighbors in the area say they have no sympathy for the burglar.

"You don't go around stealing and robbing from people that have worked hard for their belongings. You just don't do it," said Marilynn Bridgeforth, a neighbor of the homeowner.

Bridgeforth says she is not surprised to hear about the intrusion. She says she was robbed in her driveway in December.

"I was held at gunpoint in my driveway and my house has been broken into twice."

Police say at this point, the homeowner is not facing any charges because it appears he shot the burglar in self defense. Eyewitness News Everywhere tried to talk to the homeowner, but he did not want to talk about the incident.

Eyewitness News Everywhere crimetracked the area around the 800 block of Avalon and found there have been 18 home burglaries reported to police in the past month. There have also been 55 assaults, 24 car burglaries, and 12 robberies in that 38107 zip code.

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