Thursday, January 17, 2008

New York: Deli Owner Shoots Alleged Robber

Buffalo, New York

From WKDW of January 16, 2008
Deli Owner Shoots Alleged Robber

Thirty year old Shaun Ford allegedly went into the West Side Market on Carolina Street in Buffalo with a shotgun and a mask. His get away car with license plate partially covered was waiting outside. Police say he pointed a gun at the owner and got more than he bargained for. The owner had a gun too. "He relaxed like he was going to cooperate and then when the guy raised the gun again at him, he believed it's time to shoot, otherwise he was going to be shot at." said Buffalo Police Lt. David Stabler.

"I never felt uncomfortable in there before. Now, I don't know if I want to go back in there." said Kristy Taylor. She lives right next door and visit that store daily. She describes the owner as a kind person. "He's a sweet heart. He's very personable. I'm just glad that nothing happened to him." she said.

"Verbal testimony can be skewed. Things can be forgotten. The video is going to tell us everything." said Lt. Stabler. Charges are not being filed against the owner, but police are thoroughly investigating the shooting.

The owner was unharmed. As for the alleged robber, he left, not in his get away car, but in an ambulance after being hit at least once in the leg. He was transported to ECMC, and is expected to survive. "I think anybody has a right to self defense. Of course, we don't encourage vigilantism, but these store owners or anybody else has the right be safe." said Lt. Stabler.

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