Monday, April 3, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah

To paraphrase the survivalist in <I>Tremors</I>, you picked the wrong apartment to break into. 3/31/17 Salt Lake City Tribune:
Police have identified a man who was shot and killed early Thursday after kicking in the door of a Salt Lake City apartment.
Puleaga Danny Tupu, 33, of West Valley City, died in the living room of the apartment at 731 S. 300 East, police said Friday.
Tupu has a long history of mostly misdemeanor convictions for petty crimes dating back to 2002, according to a search of Utah court records.
Tupu was one of two men — dressed in black, with hoods — who rushed into the apartment at about 3 a.m....
There were suddenly loud bangs on his third-story door, he said, like someone trying to kick it in.
"I jumped up and yelled, 'What the hell?' " said Sant, who has lived at the Park Place at City Centre Apartments for about three years.
The door gave way, he said, and two men entered, one holding a two-foot-long metal pipe.A Marine veteran, Sant said he began scuffling with the men in the living room.
That's when Sant's son heard the commotion, emerged from a bedroom with a handgun — and started firing.

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