Saturday, March 19, 2016

Confronting End of Life

Death is not a medical condition.  It is inevitable and often a blessing as it brings an end to suffering.  My mother is in the hospital, mostly asleep, in some pain, with a failing liver.  Her life since my father died in 1976 has been a continuous series of struggles, many self-imposed.  Death is going to be a release.

We are in Reno visiting a friend in the last stages of colon cancer.  He is taking lots of morphine and Captain Morgan for pain, and even compared to December, he has declined dramatically in mental sharpness and ability to speak.  Tragic, but in another month or two, the misery will be over.

C.S. Lewis once observed that pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world.  Some people remain deaf to the end.

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