Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alabama: Man shoots alleged attacker

Pell City, Alabama

From the Cullman Times of January 5, 2009
Man shoots alleged attacker

A Pell City man is in the hospital with a gunshot wound after he allegedly broke into a Hanceville residence and attacked the owner Saturday.

According to Hanceville police reports, the gunshot victim was 32-year-old Charles Kendrick.

“He was shot once in the stomach with a 25-caliber automatic,” said Lt. Jimmy Rodgers of the Hanceville Police Department. “Further investigation has ruled it was a self-defense shooting.”

Rodgers said the shooting took place at approximately 7:20 p.m. at a residence on Commercial Street.

“The owner of the residence was at home when this guy (Kendrick) jumped on him and began to fight him,” Rodgers said. “The owner went inside and locked the door and retrieved a handgun.”

Rodgers said Kendrick allegedly then began smashing the back windows of the residence and tried to enter.

“The owner pointed the gun at him to prevent him from entering,” Rodgers said. “The gun was unloaded at this point.”

Undeterred, Kendrick allegedly continued to break the window and then entered the home, Rodgers said. The homeowner then went into his bedroom and locked the door.

“The perpetrator kicked in the door, at which point he was shot by the resident,” Rodgers said.

Paramedics treated Kendrick at the scene and then transported him to UAB Hospital.

An investigation revealed the attack was a type of domestic violence situation, Rodgers said.

“The homeowner’s girlfriend has kids by the perpetrator, and apparently he was upset about the kids and took it out on the boyfriend,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers noted Kendrick could face criminal charges once he is released from the hospital, including a charge of burglary.

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