Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bay County, Florida Man Shoots At Aggressor

Bay County, Florida

From September 3, 2008 WMBB channel 13:

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man on counts of Burglary Monday night. The incident took place just down the street from the burglar’s own home.

Jimmy Miller was arrested at his residence on Blue Gill Drive, only a tenth of a mile away from the victim Bradley Hawthorne’s house, also on Blue Gill Drive.

Hawthorne told police he heard his wife’s car door slam while standing on his porch, and then saw someone running towards the back of his property. He says he went inside his residence to get a gun and says when he came back out the intruder was coming toward him making threats. Hawthorne then fired one shot in the direction of the subject. Police arrested Miller after he was identified as the intruder.

Bay County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jeremy Mathis says this was well within Hawthorne’s rights of protecting himself and his possessions, especially according to a relatively new law.

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